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While the South Broadway strip has no shortage of options for cannabis shoppers, I recommend you put Walking Raven on the hitlist. You would be wrong. When you walk up to the door, you will be buzzed in and they quickly check your ID and bring you inside the waiting area. The music is playing at the right level, they greet you warmly, and everybody inside is hanging out together. Walking Raven is the first licensed dispensary in Denver and you can tell they have the operation dialed in.

The group of guys working when I dropped in were helpful and the experience was prime. The space lets everybody ignore each other, so we naturally break out the phone and wait our turns. Sometimes, you get that at dispensaries. Not at Walking Raven. Walking Raven reminds me of that hole-in-the-wall that you may […]. How did they rate? I love to learn about different industries and how they function. As a part of the marijuana industry I have a particular fascination with it.

Any dispensary that combines an educational experience along with a robust selection of products and a knowledgeable staff is certainly right up my alley. RiverRock is nestled back in the warehouses and industrial center of Northern Denver that is quickly becoming a primary location for marijuana grows.

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This brings me to one of the reasons that RiverRock is so unique. Not only are they attached to their grow, but they also offer daily tours of their entire grow facility and their growing process. I had the fortune of taking this grow tour when I took a trip with Colorado Cannabis Tours. The tour is an amazing opportunity to see the fertilizers and methods used to grow the crops at RiverRock Cannabis so you can learn a little bit about cultivation and also see how the plants your purchasing were grown.

If you want to read more about the tour check it […]. The morning I stopped in to Cannabis Station at 20th Street, it was perfect timing. Desiree, the manager, invited me in the shop. I spent the next hour getting to know Desiree and Anna, a budtender, and learning the story of Cannabis Station. Cannabis Station is affiliated with the Rocky Mountain High Dispensaries and has been at this location for 7 years. Cannabis Station is a recreational dispensary. In a former life, I worked a block away from Cannabis Station, and I regret that this was my first visit.

The building has maintained that character, the waiting room is bright and inviting. Once you enter the back room, it gets even more interesting.

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The owners of Cannabis station collect antique and vintage memorabilia and it decorates the room. One thing I have learned in my time on this planet is when people make your life easier and you have the chance to recognize it, do it. I have to thank the staff and ownership of High Level Health, especially Alyssa, for making this an easy review. Alyssa was so well prepared for my visit, she was attentive, her notes were tremendous and I got to learn their story easily.

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The same level of service was evident in how the customers were treated. This is the original location, that was medical only when it opened almost a decade ago. High Level Health has been in the game since the beginning and they are expanding but not sacrificing quality and vision. They are open from 8am to 10pm, as long as possible. High Level Health on Colfax has a well rounded selection of edibles and concentrates but they are a flower-centric dispensary. It […]. It was another beautiful Denver summer day, I had returned from a weekend of Phish at Madison Square Garden in high spirits after witnessing two outstanding shows.

Located on the corner of 32 and Tejon, the location is adorned on the exterior with a mural by artist Joel Hurlbut featuring some hidden images, check it out. On the interior, this dispensary has a clean waiting room with comfy chairs and industry periodicals to peruse while you wait.

This location provides both Med and Rec services. Once you gain entry, the experience continues to impress. The store is organized and setup for your budtender to be able to provide the personal attention required for great service. The store is in an up and coming area of the city that is growing rapidly. There is a large condo or apartment building being constructed across the street and several great bars and restaurants are located within a mile radius.

Simply Pure told me that they have a lot of visitors from out of the state, there is a lot of excitement […]. While the destination may be desired the long stretches of Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas are not only excruciatingly mind numbing when it comes to things to see, but with a delicious eight-hour drive with nary a hill it goes on forever.

The only visual treat on the entire trek is the sight of the wind turbines slowly churning along the horizon. The arms methodically spinning as the tumble weeds clutter the road is the single best part of driving through the wide-open fields of grass. With a state this eco-friendly and a plethora of environmentally friendly cannabis smokers about, it surprises me more and more how few dispensaries are doing […]. The world away in the Visayas island chain in the Philippines, another Spanish-controlled island Cebu was entangled in a dilemma.

Thanks to the US Wilson-Gorman Tariff of the once wealthy Spanish sugar farm owners of the Visayas were receiving less and less business. With a war starting the demand for a luxury good like sugar was overtaken by necessities like food and clothing. This quickly made Diego his fortune and he became the first true hemp entrepreneur of the modern age.

Three generations later, the call to […]. The name stems from the fact that there are more than a dozen dispensaries in just that area. Some are small with a homey vibe, others large and reminiscent of an Apple store. Taking over the building that used to be the legendary CAM, Lucy Sky is building itself as a brand with class and accessibility. Besides the subtle and refined look of the store, the well-stocked shelves were exactly what I always want to see. Beginning at the edible shelf, long time budtender Shianne started […]. How many times have you heard this? They had this amazing soda, delicious edibles, beautiful display shelves, a really chill environment, and some super cute checkout girls!

I paid my first visit to a Lucy Sky Dispensary only a week ago. Having sampled some of their products from their wholesale grow, I knew already that I was in store for some amazing quality buds. I took to travel on yet another unseasonably warm day and made my way to the Wash Park area in search of funky skunky chronic.

It took me a minute to pin down the exact location of Lucy Sky Dispensary. Ask someone in the industry what marijuana has done for them and those around them.

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  • More on the level of talking to a mother who is getting CBD extracts to stop their child from having seizures, or an elderly couple one of which just beat cancer with the help of marijuana to combat appetite loss, pain, and depression. From an outside view, people may take powerful things like this for granted and think of marijuana on the same level as the DEA, as a schedule one substance with no medicinal use.

    I could tell you how bogus this was after going out on my first review, and it still rings true hundreds of reviews later. I recently paid a visit to Native Roots Highlands, a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in Denver, Colorado. While other dispensaries are phasing […]. Where should I buy marijuana? People are the one factor that will make any dispensary truly unique, and they are what will get me coming back in the door time and time again.

    The people are what made my experience complete when I went in for my first visit to Native Roots, a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary, off the 16th Street Mall, in Denver Colorado. It only took one visit to their flagship location to see the unique experience they are fostering as a company and see why Native […]. Dillon Rd. As I pulled off of US 36 and drove right into a strip mall and met up with Jesse, I thought my premonition was going to positively ring true.

    Boy howdy, how wrong was I.

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    Whenever we sauntered into Ajoya on that dismal mid-fall day mere moments before the seasons first snowfall, my world shifted a bit. That may seem a bit extreme, but bare with me. The space was completely open and offered a full view of the entire operation, which is bizarre.. So, that leaves us with the original question of the best dispensary in the state.

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    Some people may say that the florida cannabis dispensary list is the best, while others could disagree. Nestled into the Highlands neighborhood on 38th Avenue, The Joint is a cozy little dispensary. With all three of these places within a block of each other, you can finish a lot of errands without going far. A big yellow smiley face greets customers, and that pretty much sets the mood from there on when you walk into The Joint.