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Hi guys great article, I would like to find out if modifinilstar ships to South Africa. Would like to try them. Do not buy from modafinilstar!!!! I found them online and realized that they offer cheapest price on the internet. They accept order via email and use paypal only for payment. After a few back and forth emails, i decided to place a trial of 30 pills, I was expecting modalert, but they sent modvigil. My order eventually arrived after 15 days. According tothe postal label, they were sent from singapore, not india, as i expected.

I took half pill mg a day in the 1st 2 days, felt nothing. I then increased to mg on the 3rd day, still felt nothing, much worse then that caffeine pills that i had been taking daily, later around noon and in the afternoon, started feeling depressed, uneasy, tired, no energy, got stumbled on my words, my mouth got dry out, too dry even though I drank a lot of water. So my question is that, has anyone experienced the same thing with modafinil in general, or with modvigil in specific? I really wanna try modalert,but not sure if im a non responder to modafinil or Im gonna waste money on something that doesnt work on me.

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Help please. And I am pretty pissed off!!!! This website should be closed. Their business is not honest. There is not even an address or phone contact to have a normal conversation with them. I got in touch with Amazon three times and they answered the giftcard had been redeemed by someone else. I forwarded that email back to Modafinilstar and they only said they will get back to me within 48 hours. Not heard a thing since then. I repeat, do not let yourself be deceived and get your money stolen from these crooks.

Go somewhere else to buy modafinil. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below comments. Michael - July 14, Nice writeup. Leave a reply: Cancel Reply. Maxwell - July 17, That about sums up my experience, nice write up. Buying from modafinilstar was pretty easy for me.

Mitchell - September 10, Nice review. Sola - September 14, A couple of years ago, the problems of payment with Modafinilcat were daunting, Set up a bit coin account, purchased bitcoin, but then was not able to complete the transaction because of some hold between vendor banks at the time.

El - September 14, Really nice price comparison charts here, and up to date to. Vin - September 18, Thanks for the awesome review! Kris - September 20, Cannot wait to receie my shipment! A - September 20, Thanks for the review! JO - September 21, Thanks for the wrire up.

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Dan - September 29, Thanks Jack! Glad you enjoyed it. Dan - September 29, Sad indeed…. Lynn Brock - September 28, Nice review, nice and clear polices for modafinilstar. Dan - September 29, Thanks Lynn! I tried to be as clear is possible. Dan - September 29, Thanks Jeffrey!

Tania - September 29, Hi could I get a coupon code please?

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Thanks for the review!! Dan - September 29, Absolutely Tania! Draelfon - September 29, I liked the services provided by Modafinilcat. Lia - September 29, Thank you for the comparisons. Tim - September 30, Nice writeup.

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MarieB - September 30, Modalert…great product, and the pricing here is the best. Dan - October 1, Okay!

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ALEX - September 30, Great article, want to get some for myself do you have coupons for duckdose? Shelly - October 2, I loved your review and I can confirm that ModafinalCat was the greatest and I was sad to receive the email that they were closing down. David Potts - October 3, Hoping to get some Modafinil soon so I can really sit and focus for long study sessions!

Mike - October 4, Im Michael Man. Dan - October 4, Cheers man! Thanks for the comment. Rob - October 8, Thanks for all of the ground,. Brian - October 11, Nice write-up. Very helpful. Camy - October 12, Ah love the pillz, they make me studeh. Justin O'Neill - October 13, Excellent information!

Ash - October 15, Sad to see Modafinilcat go, but glad I read this to know there are other options out there! Will Rayner - October 18, Great. Nur Snipes - October 19, Nice review will be ordering from them could I have a coupon code please. Dan - October 19, Thanks for the comment Nur!

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Tyson - October 20, very helpful in making my choice, cheers! Dan - October 21, Great Tyson! Nick - October 24, Great stuff. Allen - October 27, ModafinilStar will be getting my order soon! Emily Zhang - November 2, thanks for the review. Mort - November 5, Thanks for the review, much appreciated.

Lorcan - November 8, Discount code here I come. Dan - November 9, Hey Lorcan, thanks for the comment! For your modafinil coupon at ModafinilStar, try this code at checkout: Mind5. Llmaes - November 13, Hi, Would any of you who have experience with Modalert R generic modafanil recommend armodafanil over generic modafanil? Dan - November 14, Hello!

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Gabriel Rosenfeld - November 20, Loved this article, great information!!! J Barrett - November 22, Modafinilstar looks competatively priced. Marie - November 23, Any word on whether these products can be taken along with prescription Fluoxetine and Bupropion? Dan - November 24, Thanks for the tips. Gonna give Modafinilstar a shot. Hs - November 26, Hi!