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Usually ships in 1 to 2 months. See Details. Previous Page 1 2 Take care of your cat with a quality litter tray Cats are one of Britain's most popular pets, and it's believed that there are eight million kitties in the UK. How should I clean out my cat's litter tray? Read More. FREE Shipping. It does not track at all comparing to the other litter I used - yes, it is a bit dusty but I would rather have dust on the floor rather than big pieces of litter like before. I have read negative reviews saying it is smelly - I cannot smell a thing. It clumps really well and fast and it doesn't make a huge mess.

Does the job. Honestly great litter, I never knew there could be such a difference.

6 Best Silica Crystal Cat Litters With Our 12222 Budget-Friendly Pick

The wee goes solid into a ball, you can scoop everything out easily which means the litter stays fresher. Really the best! I used this for the first few months of my 2 kittens life and it is good with smells and clumps really well. One of my kittens is long haired and as her hair grew I started to notice she was coming out of the litter box after having a wee with really wet hair on the back of her legs, and when she got a slightly runny tummy you can imagine the result!

Long Hair Clumping Wood Cat Litter – Healthy Pet

It does get powdery when it is getting to a point of needing a change, then you get powdery paw prints on the furniture. I have now switched It's the best cat litter I have ever purchased for my cat! It took me a week to convince my cat to use the world's best cat litter but it was worth it every second! I used to clean my cats litter tray twice a week, with the world's best cat litter I clean his litter tray every 3 to 4 weeks, it's amazing! It doesn't smell, it's very hygienic and most important bio-degradable! Worth every single penny! It's fine for the first day or so while it's still clean but it doesn't clump properly so there's always some left in the litter tray after cleaning it.

The only way this doesn't smell horrendously bad is to empty all of it out.

6 Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litters With Our 12222 Budget-Friendly Pick

When you do finally empty the tray there's like sawdust at the bottom. My cat refuses to use it if it's not been cleaned entirely. I bought a big bag and as it's so expensive I have to use it up. Although it clumps well and does not smell when wee'd on. And it does flush well. I find because it is so small that it sticks to the cats paws and despite the litter mat and grate in our cat litter tray it still gets walked all over the house.

Especially seen as sometimes it sticks to his fur close to his bottom.

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  • This cat litter is so so so smelly! It is not dust free either. Very disappointed as it has been highly recommended.

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    I've never hoovered and mopped up so much in my life. The cat liked the litter and she's fussy, but it got between her toes and she walked it everywhere, just everywhere! And then I walked on her trails and it stuck to the bottom of my flipflops. Impossible to keep the mess in one area as wherever kitty walked she left a trail of bits. I bought clumping litter but it definitely did not clump, went like porrige when wet, no clumps to remove. We adopted a 15 year old indoor cat with early renal failure at the end of last year.

    We started with Catsan but she would track it all over the flat and because she wees a lot with her kidney problems it was having to completely change the litter three or four times a week. We live in a flat so the bins are far!


    This tracks much less, I only completely change it once a week and the clumps can go down the toilet. Worth the money. My cats hated this and refused to cover up their deposits which made for an even smellier litter tray. Not recommended and an expensive mistake. Your basket. View Cart. World's Best Cat Litter 4 Delivery in working days Carry on saving.

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